Move wholesale customers to self-service
and improve business efficiency.
B2B commerce platform for large
trade and production
and wholesale companies.
Fine-tuning and optimization for your business processes
Embedded PIM/DAM and MDM platform
Smart search and filtering
based on ElasticSearch
Integration with ERP, CRM
and other systems
Compo B2B: Enterprise
The introduction of a B2B platform is already a significant advantage,
in 2-3 years it will become a necessary condition for the existence of a business.
We carried out a survey among 30 of our customers 1 year after
implementation and received a formula for calculating the economic effect.
Reducing the cost of storing goods by accelerating sales
Up to 20%
Automation of routine processes allows you to significantly relieve managers, speed up sales and give customers
a self-service tool.
Cost reduction
Reducing the burden on managers
up to 3-4 times
Up to 80%
Reducing the burden on accounting, reducing the number of errors
By 30%
Increasing the number of new customers at the expense of smaller buyers and marketing
Increase the number of orders through work with abandoned carts, analytics and marketing
Up to 30%
The introduction of a B2B platform predictably increases the company's turnover by fine-tuning marketing, analytics, intelligent search and reducing receivables.
turnover growth
Increase in the average check due to the loyalty system, up-sells, cross-sells, analogues
The architecture of the platform is designed for wholesale business processes. It has powerful functionality out of the box and allows you to fine-tune each of the modules for the individual business processes of each company.
Multifunctional catalog with the ability to search, filter and sort products according to various criteria.
Product Catalog
Flexible and customizable
pricing strategies
Search, split/combine, repeat, statuses. Reducing processing costs by up to 10 times, reducing processing errors by 2-3 times.
Receiving orders 24/7
The B2B platform includes PIM, DAM, MDM, Integration bus and a personal account for suppliers.
IT product line
Flexible configuration of the notification system from the Personal Account allows you to configure the receipt of only the necessary information for the client
Notification system
Built in integrations with logistics operators, sms providers and acquiring systems
All documents (invoices, waybills, commercial offers, complaints) in one place.
Document flow
Automated marketing mechanism to support wholesale sales: discount, bonuses
Loyalty system
Collection, processing and analysis of information from buyers and managers.
Statistics and analytics
Standardized technology stack with a focus on open source software
Robust and event-driven microservice architecture provides load resiliency and scalability.
and technology
Ready to work with mobile applications.
RabbitMQ, Apache Camel
Spring Actuator, Zabbix Agent
Spring security, JWT, RBAC
Security system
Linux, Java 11, PostgreSQL, Spring Boot
Linux, Angular 12, TypeScript 4, Nebular
Ready to work as cloud services.
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