Powerful IT framework for large trading and manufacturing companies
The implementation of the platform simplifies and automates trading processes, such as purchases, sales, working with content, working with warehouses and balances.
Compo Platform: Enterprise
Plarform features
Compo Platform: Enterprise – a comprehensive solution for automating
e-commerce processes, including the following modules:

Suppliers accounts
Сognitive search
Based on Compo Platform: Enterprise services
Retail tasks solving
Marketplace launch
Processes automation
Prices and loyalty systems
Media content management
Return and claims logistics
IT landscape
Product content management
B2B clients
Data management
Marketplace integration
Client processes
Benefits of our platform
Seamlessly connected
Product ecosystem
Allows you to scale and withstand highload
Microservice architecture
Auth, Attack protection, RBAC, etc.
Based on Apache Camel и RabbitMq
Integration BUS
Asynchronous exchange via integration bus
ERP integration
Fast responsing on highload and processing hundreds of thousands SKU
High speed
Allows you to quickly find and fix errors
Processes logging
Modern technology stack
Relevant technologies
The platform automates the routine tasks of increasing and updating the assortment, processing orders and document flow.
Up to 80% reduction in routine operations
Multifunctional catalog with the ability to search, filter and sort products according to various criteria.
Product catalog
Flexible and customizable
pricing strategies
All documents (invoices, waybills, commercial offers, complaints) in one place.
Document flow
Splitting/combining, repeating orders. Reducing processing costs by up to 10 times, reducing processing errors by 2-3 times.
Receiving orders 24/7
The B2B platform includes PIM, DAM, MDM, Integration bus and a personal account for suppliers.
IT product line
The implementation of the Compo Platform can significantly reduce these costs.
Support and development of IT systems requires a large staff of specialists and costs millions of rubles a year (average 4-6% of income**)
Requirements and the cost of the processes of delivery/releases of changes to the consumer is constantly growing due to the constant complication of the solutions that underlie their basis
of updates and breaking changes
The increase in the number of IT systems leads to exponential growth in the volume and difficulty of integrating data to support connectivity
of whole IT landscape
The constant growth of business automation leads to an inevitable increase in the cost of technical support for created IT solutions
of information systems
Platform as perspective
We are improving our products
and adding new features.
Loyalty system
Various customer retention options: bonus program, cashback, promotional codes.
Chat and chatbot based on popular messengers with the possibility of distribution to individual channels.
Logistic calculator
Calculation of the cost of services of leading transport companies: DHL, DSV, etc.
DAM evolution
Image status management, Workflows for working with files.
Tools for exchanging data with marketplaces
PIM evolution
Data enrichment from external systems, analytics, templates, comparisons.
Mobile apps
Native and crossplatform apps for IOS and Android
Personal accounts
Portals for suppliers, auctions,
trading platforms, tender platforms.
Standardized technology stack with a focus on open source software
Robust and event-driven microservice architecture provides load resiliency and scalability.
and technology
RabbitMQ, Apache Camel
Spring Actuator, Zabbix Agent
Spring security, JWT, RBAC
Security system
Linux, Java 11, PostgreSQL, Spring Boot
Linux, Angular 12, TypeScript 4, Nebular
Ready to work as cloud services.
Ready to work with mobile applications.
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